Replacement Valves

Many of our customers come to Sealand Engineering because it is a cost effective solution to replace only the failing valves rather than scrap and replace associated pipework and other fittings. If you can specify what you want, we can provide you with a quotation and give you an alternative that you might not have thought was available. If we have previously made something similar and have pattern equipment for producing the castings the delivery may not be as long as you imagine.

There may be occasions when you require a replacement valve and you are not able to order it from the original manufacturer. For instance, the manufacturer may have long ceased trading, the quality of the product is not what it once was or the delivery is too long.

Among the more unusual valves we have repaired, there have been Syphon Breaker Valves, Flush Bottom Tank Valves, Vacuum Breaker Valves. Unusual, non-standard bore sizes including 5″ ND125, 7″ ND175, 9″ ND225 and 15″ ND375 are a speciality of ours.

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